Who Benefits


Offer meal specials, happy hour deals. Tell your clientele about any new menu items, special events (entertainment).


Offer promotional discounts, available only to the text message recipients. Announce new items, in-store events.

Government bodies:

Announce special events, emergency alerts, new business openings, and changes to local regulations such as water restrictions.


Promote feature performers. Publish upcoming acts, events. Offer coupons for early ticket purchase. Offer reduced cover charge.

Gift Shops:

Offer cell phone reminders for future “special” days, such as Valentine's Day, Anniversary, and Birthdays.

Car Wash and Automotive Services:

Offer reminders for detail services, upgrades, oil changes, tune-ups, scheduled maintenance, product / service promotions.

Medical Offices:

Send appointment reminders.

Golf Courses:

Send out tee times available from cancellations. Offer a "golf tip of the day" service.

Delivery Services:

Send "package delivered" notification.

Religious Organizations:

Broadcast inspirational messages to their congregation.


Remind customer about conventions, special dates and rates, future events and long term services.